Akron Anti-Authoritarian Reading Group (AAARG!)
Author Title Size Pages
May/June 2004      
James Mumm Active Revolution 157k 4
March 7, 2004      
bell hooks Feminist Politics: Where We Stand 78k 2
Anonymous The Six Panther Ps 42k 2
February 8, 2004      
The Curious George Brigade The Inefficient Utopia 71k 4
"POC" One POC View From the Heart 71k 2
January 4, 2004      
Cindy Milstein Democracy is Direct 87k 2
October 12, 2003      
Ward Churchill Let's Spread the Fun Around 104k 4
Tim Wise School Shootings and White Denial 60k 2
September 7, 2003      
Chris Crass Looking to the Light of Freedom 132k 4
Rock Bloc Collective Stick it to the Manarchy 87k 2
August 10, 2003      
Naomi Klein America Is Not A Hamburger 67k 2
Arundhati Roy Come September 124k 4
July 27, 2003      
Renana Brooks A Nation of Victims 75k 2
July 13, 2003      
Michael Albert Trajectory of Change 76k 2
Jessica Azulay West Virginia, National Sacrifice Area 72k 2
June 29, 2003      
Aziz Choudry Bringing it All Back Home 100k 2
Starhawk Why We Need Women's Actions and Feminist Voices for Peace 74k 2
Not Yet Read      
Angela Beallor Sexism in the Anarchist Movement 109k 4
Noam Chomsky Notes on Anarchism 164k 4
Angela Davis Masked Racism 102k 2
Emma Goldman Patriotism, A Menace To Liberty 105k 4
Otto Nomous Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock 117k 2
Vandana Shiva The Living Democracy Movement 122k 4
Marc Silverstein Youth Liberation 80k 2
Ken Wong Against Half-Assed Race and Class Theory and Practice 119k 4

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