download fliers for fun

name size description
a-pics.pdf 173k All your favorite anarchists
ashcroft.pdf 209k Meet a MWM
authority.pdf 33k About resisting authority
capitalism.pdf 34k Capitalism means... nobody cares
celebrate.pdf 51k Want revolution you can dance to?
coercion.pdf 23k Their violence
commie.pdf 172k We could've figured this one out, right?
dictators.pdf 94k Who's your favorite?
emma.pdf 150k The original Red Emma
flag_barcode.pdf 98k Freedom for sale
forget.pdf 342k Action, reaction, action, reaction
gas_terror.pdf 141k Funding terrorists
good_business.pdf 111k Thank goodness for the poor!
heterosexuals.pdf 89k For queers and their supporters
homeless.pdf 266k No one likes being ignored
ignorance.pdf 271k Turn it off
mascots.pdf 89k Cultural genocide, pop-culture style
no_evil.pdf 177k I see, hear, speak no evil
oil_boy.pdf 69k Oil, yum... (boy)
oil_girl.pdf 70k Oil, yum... (girl)
reagan.pdf 246k Fighting Iraq... Fighting Reagan
regime_change.pdf 90k Slap yer forehead and say "duh"!
santa.pdf 68k Ho-ho-ho!!
starwars.pdf 46k Why "Star Wars" is really a bad idea
tvgod.pdf 99k Worship the cathoid rays
vs.pdf 64k Them and us


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